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The Chance for a Better Goodbye

The post Too Soon brought up the topic of last days. With medical science’s ability, for better or worse, to rescue us from the bodily failures that swiftly took our ancestors to their graves without an adjustable bed or plastic water pitcher in sight, more of us will experience a …


Too Soon?

A friend from the Midwest told me she started writing her mother’s obituary while her mother was near death and unconscious in the ICU. She crinkled her eyes a bit as she spoke, as if to say, “Was that wrong? Was I supposed to wait?” But she knew she was …

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Sybil Had It Easy

While dealing with your parents at the ends of their lives, you may become a nurse’s assistant, medical researcher, pharmaceutical technician, insurance claims specialist, house sitter and perhaps funeral planner. When dealing with their estate, you may step in as a budding paralegal, banker, financial manager, numismatist, antiques appraiser, used …