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white elephant

A Question of Values

A man approaches a beautiful woman in a bar and asks, “Would you sleep with me for a million dollars?” “Sure,” she says. “OK,” he responds. “Would you sleep with me for five dollars?” She gasps. “What kind of girl do you think I am?” And he says, “We’ve already …

gold bars

Dividing By 24

Gold prices have risen dramatically in the last 10 years. The price per ounce, once near $300, has gone as high as $1,900, dancing above and below the $1,650 line most of this year. Which makes you wonder…shouldn’t I just sell mom’s gold jewelry now, when prices are high, rather …

Diamond burglar

Think Like a Thief

An earlier post, We Have a Volunteer, left off after the first stage of clearing your deceased parents’ house. To recap, you’ve already Accepted that you, and only you, are the person responsible for completing the work. Completed the big clear-and-toss by going room-by-room and corralling possible keepers in a …